Moving Hints

Preparing for Your Move With M&M Moving

  • Please seal the tops and bottoms of all boxes with two-inch tape. Use packing paper, air bubbles or “peanuts” in packing fragile items. Please do not have items packed into open crates or baskets. This will prevent breakage.
  • Please empty desk drawers, storage cabinets and the top of four-drawer file cabinets. This will help prevent breakage and damage to the drawers themselves.
  • You may leave all clothing and fabric items in dressers, chests of drawers and trunks. Please remove all paper, breakable and hard items.
  • Please let us know with as much advance notice as possible of the date and time you would prefer for your move. The earlier we can discuss this, the more likely it is that we will have your desired move date and time available. Let us know if you need to make any adjustments to your move as well.
  • Interstate moves may be subject to additional packing regulations and advance notice requirements.
  • For in state moves please download and review the Texas Rights & Responsibilities
  • For interstate moves please download and review the US Rights & Responsibilities and the USDOT Ready to Move pamphlet.

General Moving Advice

Many people take the moving process for granted, in the sense that they underestimate all of the things that must be done. Sure, when you hire an Austin mover like M&M, the process is much easier. But there are still some things that you (as the “movee”) must do to prepare for the big day.

Here is a list of tips for moving in the Austin area. Some are fairly obvious, some are often overlooked, but they are all valuable tips for your next move.

1. Gather the Necessary Materials

A full-service moving company will live up to its name by offering packing services in addition to the transportation side of things. In fact, this is one of the services that we provide to our customers. But if you would rather do your own packing, you’ll need to gather the right supplies for the job. Here’s a shopping list for you:

  • Boxes *
  • Black markers for labeling
  • Scissors
  • Packing tape
  • Newspaper or packing paper for cushioning
  • Moving blankets (for expensive items, furniture, mirrors, etc.)
  • Some plastic storage bins (Rubbermaid, Sterilite, etc.)

* If you want to do your own packing but need boxes, we can provide you with boxes and other packing supplies at competitive prices!

2. Purge Items You Don’t Need

A yard sale / garage sale is an excellent thing to do before you move. After all, what better way to get rid of furniture and clothing you no longer need? Not only is this a good way to lighten the load prior to moving, but you could also make some money in the process! Of course, if you’d rather donate your unneeded items to charity, you can haul them to your local Goodwill drop-off or Salvation Army. That’s a fine idea too. The point here is that your Austin moving process will be much easier if you do a good purge.

3. Label Your Boxes

Here’s a simple moving tip that will save you a lot of headache later on. Before you seal up your boxes, label the outside of each box with the items contained inside and what room it goes in. For example: “Pots and Pans – Kitchen.”

During your move, your boxes are going to get shuffled around. It’s inevitable. So while some people think they can remember what’s in a certain box without labeling it, this rarely works on moving day. You will also save yourself a lot of energy when you label your boxes, because you won’t have to take downstairs items upstairs, etc. When everything is labeled with contents and destination room, it speeds up the unloading process and prevents of confusion at the same time.

4. Back Up Computer Files

Do you have a lot of important files on your computer? Could you imagine losing them all? It’s not a nice thing to think of, but there is always the possibility (remote though it may be) of a computer being dropped on moving day. For this reason, it’s a good idea to back up all of your computer files before your Austin moving experience.

It’s a good idea to make backup files from time to time anyway, just in case your computer crashes. But it’s especially important to back things up before your moving process. These days, you can purchase high-capacity backup drives and disks for pretty cheap. It’s money well spent!

5. Make Use of Luggage Items

Do you have a lot of suitcases in your house? If so, you can make good use of them during your move. Instead of leaving your suitcases empty, pack them with as many clothes as possible. This is an excellent way to transport the items you need to keep separate (see #6 below).

6. Segment the Items You Need

This next tip is important for all moves, but especially the long-distance ones. So if you’re moving to Austin from elsewhere in the state or country, this tip is for you. Create a detailed list of the items you’ll need during your move. This will normally include toiletry items, sufficient clothing to hold you over, important medications, pet foods, etc.

If you are moving locally within the Austin area, you can pack these items separately into an “Open First” box. If you have a long-distance move ahead of you, keep these items with you in your car.

7. Choose a Reputable Mover

The whole process will go more smoothly if you start by choosing an Austin mover with a reputation for quality service. This is why we offer a list of references from past customers on our website. Our moving company has a reputation for great service, and we look forward to extending that service to you!


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