Moving To A New City – Fitting In

Published on November 14th, 2012

Moving To A New City – Fitting In. Waking up in a completely new city can be frightening and exhilarating! And being the new kid on the block can test even the most outgoing person. Here are some ideas to help you during those first few months while you are still ‘new’.

Look for others who share common interests, like running, old cars, music, reading, cooking or anything you love. Many enriching relationships are created around activities. At your job look around for those who went to the same college you did, or lived close to where you just moved from. You will automatically have something to talk about. And maybe these new acquaintances will introduce you to their friends or invite you to something where you can meet more people.

Don’t be over sensitive to comments from people you meet, most of the time when people are offensive, they don’t even know it. Really, it’s only fair to get to know them and let them get to know you. I have learned from experience that it doesn’t matter what other people think anyway. Sometimes fitting in means letting it go and laughing at yourself. Stay light and easygoing and others will enjoy your company and want you around.

Be Switzerland. You know what this means, stay out of any gossip. This is always a good rule and it applies doubly when you are new. Most people have a lovely side, we just have to look for it with some.

Try new things, go to sporting events with people you don’t know well, company happy hour, the neighborhood party. You will be broadening your horizons and meeting interesting new people.

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