Moving To A New City – Settling In

Published on October 17th, 2012

We continue with our series with – Moving To A New City – Settling In
Settling in in your new city can take some time and patience.

Do what you love, if you love reading and going to the book store for coffee on Saturday afternoon is your thing, then find a store you like and get in your groove. You might want to take a yoga class or find a new place to workout. The sooner you create your normal routines, the sooner you’ll feel comfortable. And you’ll find like minded people and be doing the things you enjoy.

Don’t forget to enjoy your alone time, write about your feelings in your journal, take walks, rent movies. Meet your neighbors, watch for neighborhood meetings or cook outs, or if you live in an apartment check with the office for social activities at the club house or pool.

Be friendly, accept invitations to go out with co-workers, you’ll meet other people there. Be patient with yourself and trust that life will work out like you want it to.

Another way to feel good in the early stages of settling in is to connect with your friends in the town you moved from. Email, text, Skype, send pictures and enjoy the connections.

Soon enough, someone or something else will start filling up your time. Life has a natural way of unfolding — and you will eventually meet everyone who should be in yours.

Things to avoid..
Setting too high expectations, give things some time.
Expecting to love your new city immediately, it takes time to form a relationship with a place.
Second guessing yourself about the move. Give yourself credit for following through with your decision to move. You jumped in and took a risk; you’ll make mistakes along the way, but on the other side, you’ll find self-esteem and a new inner strength.

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