5 Fun Tips For Hosting a Moving Party

Published on October 20th, 2014
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Moving Party

Hosting a moving party is a great way to meet new people while offering an incentive for people to help you move. Moving by yourself is not only difficult; it’s also boring. You can make the experience easier and more enjoyable, however, by convincing some of your friends and family members to pitch in, which is where a moving party comes into play. This week, we’re going to share 5 important tips on how to host the perfect moving party.

#1) Host After You Move

It’s recommended that you host the moving party after you move and not before. This will give everyone something to look forward to at the end of a long, hard day of moving. Hosting it beforehand could result in some people ditching out early, leaving you to do all the heavy lifting yourself. Wait until you’ve finished moving all of your items to your new home before you officially start the party.

#2) Invite The Neighbors

Don’t be afraid to invite your new neighbors to the moving party. Parties are a great way to break the ice and see first-hand who’s living next door. Some of your neighbors may even bring a housewarming gift, which is another reason why you should include them in your moving party.

#3) Offer Food and Beverages

No moving party is complete without plenty of food and beverages. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to spend hundreds of dollars on expensive catering services, but you should set up some basic snacks and sodas for guests. Assuming you host the party at the end of your moving day, you should choose “hearty” snacks, such as sandwich bites, to satisfy those hunger cravings.

#4) Decorate It

Another element of a moving party that shouldn’t be overlooked is the décor. Something as simple as a couple streamers and balloons can make a world of difference at your party, and it’s easy to clean up. Run some streamers across your home’s ceiling and tie some balloons to the furniture and you have an instant party environment.

#5) Give Thanks

Make it a point to express your gratitude to everyone who helped you move at the party. Moving isn’t an easy task, and most people would probably prefer to do other activities on their day off work. A verbal “thanks for the help” goes a long way in expressing your gratitude to friends, family members and acquaintances who helped you move.

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One Response to “5 Fun Tips For Hosting a Moving Party”

  1. Amanda Says:

    That is a great idea! Especially if you are new in the neighbor it is very good idea to make a party. Thanks for this great idea! Regards!

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