Apartment Move Out Cleaning Ideas

Published on May 25th, 2012

Not cleaning your apartment or rental can be very costly.  So you’ll want to follow our apartment move out cleaning ideas to clean from top to bottom when you move.  It is so much easier to clean after your stuff has been moved out.    Your goal is to have it move in ready like it was when you found it.

The first thing to do is make a cleaning list. You can make your own working your way through what needs to be done in each room, or you can find one online. To make your list start in the kitchen and then the bathrooms.  Be sure to add any special quirks that need attention.

Sit down a week before your move and go through the list. Make sure nothing is missing and create a list of supplies you will need.

Buy, borrow or find the cleaning supplies you will need.  Think for a moment about what items will speed your task and improve the results and see if you can borrow them. For instance, borrow a powerful vacuum cleaner, two big buckets, a superior mop and a great window squeegee.

Clean an empty apartment. Allow a full day for cleaning after you move out.  When you arrange your move out at the end of your lease be sure to include a day for cleaning after the apartment is emply.  Nothing is harder than cleaning an apartment that’s filled with junk and packing boxes. Nothing is easier than cleaning one that is completely empty.

Invite some friends. Nothing speeds cleaning like having a few extra helping hands. Order some pizza and maybe some beers and your friends won’t mind helping so much. With more hands there’s lots less to do for everyone, including you.

Be sure to start at the top, dusting ceiling fans and drapes and removing cobwebs in ceiling corners, etc.  Then do the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, counters and mirrors. When everything else is done then do the floors.

Just keep thinking about the money you’ll get back from your deposit and how good you will feel knowing you have finished what you started in a responsible way.

Happy Moving! and Cleaning! And remember when you are ready to schedule your move we want to help. You can get a free online quote right now.

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