Maximizing Storage Space In a Small Bathroom

Published on June 30th, 2014

Small Bathroom Storage

Do you constantly struggle with a cluttered, claustrophobic bathroom? It’s hard to perform your normal morning routine in a tightly crammed bathroom. The lack of space will limit your storage options, restrict your movement, and create a negative “feng shui” that ultimately takes away from your home’s natural beauty.

Some homeowners assume that the only solution to this problem is to tear down the walls to make their bathroom physically larger. While this is always a viable option, you should first attempt to maximize your storage space by using the following tips.

Replace The Vanity

If your current vanity offers little-to-no storage space, you should consider replacing it with a more accommodating model. Some vanities, particularly the older vintage styles, have no storage cabinets. They consist of nothing more than a sink on a pedestal-like stand.

Installing a vanity with a large (and deep) cabinet area underneath the sink will open up a whole new world of storage options. You can use this area to store towels, washcloths, toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo, toiletries, etc.


Of course, you can always install shelves on your bathroom walls to create additional storage space. Assuming your bathroom is small, however, it’s important to choose short shelves that don’t protrude too far out; otherwise, you end up bumping into them. Shelves are considered dual-purpose home accessories, as they can be used for storage or decorative purposes (or both).

Medicine Cabinet

Another innovative way to create more storage space in an otherwise small bathroom is to install a medicine cabinet. These cabinets look like a traditional mirror to the naked eye; however, you can pull open the front to reveal a fully functional cabinet with several different shelves.

Don’t let its name fool you into thinking it can only be used to store medicine. Medicine cabinets are perfect for storing practically any small toiletry or bathroom accessory.

Space Saver

We discussed this in a previous blog post titled Unpacking After a Move: Where Do I Start?, but it’s worth mentioning again that space savers – free-standing shelving units designed to fit over toilets – are an excellent space-saving tool for the bathroom.

There’s no complicated mounting or installation equipment required, as space savers fit directly over the toilet to provide a beneficial storage solution. Space savers also come in dozens of different styles, colors and designs to fit any home décor.

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