Moving To A New City – Checklist

Published on October 31st, 2012

Moving To A New City – Checklist…

I love checklists, I use them when I cook for large groups, when I travel, even a grocery list can save me lots of time and frustration! How much more important it is to have a master checklist you utilize before, during and after moving to a new city.

For this checklist you’ll want to list all the critical things you need to take care of around your move. Here’s a starter list, be sure to keep your checklist handy so you can write down things as you think of them. Let’s face it, moving takes tons of attention and energy, so you’re going to be busy, keeping this list will help you remember, free your mind of dozens of small details and overall make your move much more enjoyable.

1. Take care of the home you have now, notify your landlord or contact a broker if you own your home.
2. Get online, or go to the Post Office and fill out a change of address.
3. Notify Magazines and credit card companies of your new address.
4. If you have children, request their  school records.
5. Get copies of medical records from your Doctor and Dentist.
6. See if your bank has a branch in your new city, if not, look into finding a new bank.
7. Let friends and family know you are moving. You can purchase cards to send out, or just send out an email to everybody.
8. Cancel any memberships in your old city that don’t transfer, such as for gym and movie rental.
9. Schedule your electricity and gas and water to be turned off at your old home and on at your new home.
10. Schedule movers.
11. Get online and find child care, house keeping, dog walking services, etc. in your new town.

We wish you the very best with your moving experience.

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