Moving To A New City – Questions and Answers

Published on November 5th, 2012

Moving To A New City – Questions and Answers

Many people will move to a new city this month, this year. It’s always an emotional journey as well as a physical one. Feelings like excitement, fear, sadness and joy, just to name a few, will come up when we do something new and big, like moving to a new city. As part of our series on moving to a new city, I have found some questions and answers to help you soothe yourself before, during and after the big move.

You’ll find answers to questions like, How can I make new friends without appearing desperate? and What mistakes do people make when they move to a new city, and how can I avoid them? Also featured in this article are 5 steps to take take to set down new roots.

Moving to a new city, whether for a new job, a new relationship, going to school, or any other reason, can be a challenge, but with any challenge there are always benefits of going through it, like getting to know yourself better, learning new skills for dealing with others successfully, new experiences and lots more. By following the advice given in these posts and articles we hope you find comfort, know you are not alone, and learn new ways to see yourself and your world.

“Why is moving to a new place so fraught with emotion?
There’s a fear of the unknown and doubt as to whether you’ve made the right choice. And there’s a sense of closure — every move brings completion to a chapter in your life, so take time to reflect on the experiences you’ve had and be grateful for the people you’ve met. Also, you’ll feel excitement in trying new things, meeting new people, and having new opportunities. It’s as if life has given you a blank slate to start fresh, so find the joy in that possibility.”  Read More

We wish you the very best with your moving experience.

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