Moving To A New City – The Decision To Move

Published on November 16th, 2012

Moving To A New City – The Decision To Move

No matter what your reason for moving to a new city, it could be a good idea to think things through before you make your final decision.

Make sure you can afford living in the new city. Create a budget considering all your expenses, especially any expenses that will increase in the new city, like food or utilities or home prices. It is a great idea to have at least 6 months living expenses saved as a cushion. Don’t forget things like lunches and toll fees. Get everything in there and take an honest look at the numbers. Sometimes it is best to stay where you are rather than running out of money after only a few months.

It is smart to wait until you get to know your new city before purchasing a home. So many times we jump in and buy something and then a year later after we’ve gotten to know the city we’re sorry. Because the home we own isn’t were we want it to be.

In some cities it makes more sense to use public transportation, finding out about parking where you’ll be working is always a good idea, that way you can add it to your budget.

Once you have determined whether or not you can afford to live in the new city, use some vacation time to check it out. Instead of staying in a motel stay with a friend or relative who lives there, if possible. If not stay close to the neighborhood you are considering. This way you can check out the neighborhood as if you lived there.

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